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Helene Udy



Helene holds  both American and British Passorts and continues to work legallly in Canada as well.

Hailing from a British father and  Egyptian/Isreali mother, Helene also has a sister, Claudia Udy, who has accrued a number of acting credits in her own right.


Helene speaks both French and English fluently, Is highly atheltic with a background in race car driving,  martial arts, aerial silk , hand- to- hand balancing, and circus arts. among other "clowny" things.



Her  keen interest in Physical Theater  continues to expand with training in all forms of clown, comedia, grotesque  and improv sketch comedy.  She has performed  at various and many  Comedy venues as a solo and duo sketch performer. 


Helene is also, a well rounded perfomer in both  Film and Television, and has  equal  professional experience with Drama and Comedy alike. Her greatest claim to fame is as a series regular on The American Television Western, "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" starring Jane Seymour.  She is also well known to the sci fi circuit ( Pel from Deep Space Nine, Nighflyers )  and  to Horror aficinionados ( My Bloody Valentine, Pin, Katie Bird and more...)


Presently living in Los Angeles, Helene travels often to Both Canada and Europe for work and pleasure.

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